Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions is a luxury high upkeep treatment that requires 2-4 weeks of maintenance and daily aftercare. Lash extensions are not the same as strip lashes. They are semi-permanent, synthetic lashes that are glued to your natural lashes through the use of lash adhesive. They are placed individually, either on each lash or every other lash, depending on the look you are going for. Our salon only offers handmade extensions to ensure the health and safety of our client's natural lashes

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• Arrive at your appointment with no makeup around the eyes or lashes.

• Contact lenses must be taken out before the appointment.

• No caffeine before to your appointment.

• No mascara or strip lash glue on the lashes - you will require and be a charge for a removal service.

• We recommend client's hairstyle is loose! Bobbie pins, hair clips, hair extensions, tight braids, or buns will make it uncomfortable to lay down. 


• Wash your lashes every day with (bubble lash shampoo & a cleansing brush) Do not use micellar water, baby shampoo, or facial skincare products to clean your lashes. 

• No rubbing, pulling, picking, or trimming your lashes.

• Brush your lashes at least twice a day.

• Keep them cool for the first 24 hours - Avoid hot steam, sauna, hot showers, spas, facials, dishwashers, and hot stoves.

• Try to sleep on your back and be cautious when sleeping on the sides.

• Do not use mascara, eye lash curler, or strip lash glue while wearing extensions.

• Use oil-free skincare and makeup products around your eyes and lashes. (we recommend our clients to check out our oil-free products which are safe to use with Lash Extensions).


    Mega Volume Lash Extensions are 8-20D handmade fans and are created using flower bouquet technique. All lash products are vegan & cruelty free.


    Hand Made Volumes consist of 6D-10D lashes applied to one natural lash. This volume sets allows for the prefect appearance of fluffier, lighter and softer volumes. All lash products are vegan & cruelty free.


    A mix of Classic Lash and Volume Fans applied to one natural lash. Hybrid gives the definition of Classics with the added fullness of Volumes. All lash products are vegan & cruelty free.


    Classic lash consisting of 1 individual lash applied to the natural lash. This will enhance the natural lash by giving length and appearing visually natural effect. All lash products are vegan & cruelty free.

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Eyelash Extensions are individual strands of synthetic fibers made to replicate a natural eyelash. When applied eyelash extensions adds length and thickness to the lashes, which creates the appearance of longer & fuller lashes. These single strands are applied to each individual eyelash, one by one. With proper application, lash extensions will help you look & feel fabulous 24/7


It's no secret that eyelash extensions are a fashion must-have any time of year! Lash extensions draw more attention to your eyes than mascara alone, and 24/7, so you’ll look fab when you wake up, after your workout, in the office, on the beach.


With proper care, eyelash extensions last up to 4 weeks on average. Because each extension is attached to a natural eyelash, the lifespan of an extension is directly related to the natural lash growth cycle.

Did you know you’re losing between 1-5 natural eyelashes every day?

Just like any hair on your body, eyelashes go through what’s called “the growth cycle.” The hair starts to grow longer and thicker, reaches its maximum length, stops growing, and then sheds.



Infills are like touch-ups for your extensions. Lash extensions should be refilled every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain a full lash line. Expect to need more regular refills if your lashes grow fast or if you neglect aftercare. You can help retain your lash extensions for longer and increase the time between refills by following aftercare advice. During your infill appointment will remove any extensions that have grown out, it’s important to remove grown out extensions as they can start to cause discomfort if not removed every 2-4 weeks.


No! When properly applied, lash extensions should NEVER hurt! Extensions are applied to your natural lashes, not touching the skin, so you shouldn’t feel a thing. With your eyes closed, you may even find the treatment so relaxing that you fall asleep! 

As we mentioned above for infills if you leave your extensions to grow out too long it may cause discomfort, keep your infill regularly to avoid unwanted discomfort. 


No! When applied properly, with perfect isolation and weight eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes. Our lash artist are all experienced and certified, the most important thing to them is the integrity of your natural lash. During your initial consultation they will evaluate your natural lashes to ensure you get the lashes that work best for your natural lashes so that you will never have damage or breakage!


Eyelash extensions are suitable for most people and come in a range of types which means we can create a look to suit your personal style and preferences.If you suffer from any of the following, we would recommend refraining from getting eyelash extensions until the issue (where applicable) is resolved:

• Contagious or infectious eye disorders (Blepharitis, bacterial or viral infection, conjunctivitis)

• Stye (an abscess filled with pus, usually caused by staphylococcus bacteria)

• Swelling of the eye

• Boils, sores & bruises 

• Cuts, abrasions

• Body and head lice 

• Ring worm (extremely contagious)

• Chemotherapy treatment within the last 6 months (medical clearance from your doctor may be required)

• Lasik surgery less than 6 months ago (laser eye surgery) (medical clearance from your doctor may be required)

• Recent eye cosmetic tattoo within the last 6 months

• Metal allergy 

• Epilepsy doctors may be required 

• Trichotillomania (a condition where clients pull their own hair out such as eyelashes and brows)

• If you have damaged lashes (note that in some cases we may be able to assist, contact us for a consultation)


Eyelash extensions are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and can be worn by pregnant women. However precautions need to be taken while the client is pregnant/breastfeeding. It’s important to know that anyone can develop an allergic reaction at any point in time during any treatment you receive. Although allergic reactions to eyelash extensions are uncommon, pregnant women who want or get their lashes done are considered a higher risk. As a result of pregnancy and childbirth, different hormones are released and the body undergoes physical changes. These changes are inevitable and can possibly lead to an allergic reaction, hair growth changes & retention issues. If you’ve currently have eyelash extensions on and have never had an issue – it’s rare you will experience a reaction. If you've never had eyelash extensions in your life and want to try them for the first time while pregnant, we would advise against this. 

An appointment can take up to 1-2 hours and the client typically lays flat on their back. Laying flat on their back is not a recommended position for pregnant women especially if they’ve reached over 20 weeks. This position can cause discomfort for both the expectant mother and her baby.

The solution?
Pregnant ladies should lay on their sides with their heads straight-up during the treatment. This position will be helpful for both the stylist and the client and it will not affect the procedure. The client can also put a pillow behind their spine, under their leg, or between the legs to provide comfort and support; this can help relax and reduce stress.


If your wanting to start getting lashes done regularly or have a special occasion coming up we

strongly advise having an allergy patch test/consultation for your first appointment; then having the full set of lashes applied 2-3 weeks before the event and then a lash fill the day before the event. This eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and allows for any styling changes if needed so they are 100% perfect for the special occasion. Please note you can’t book a patch test and full set of lashes on the same day. After a patch test appointment you must wait 48 hrs for us to book your full set appointment. Why? Developing an allergy can take up to 48 hrs, once this time has passed and you haven’t experienced a reaction then we can book your next appointment in.


If you have an allergic reaction to extensions, do not try to remove or treat them yourself, as this could damage your eyes and lashes or make the symptoms worse. Pop a cold compress on the eye & contact your doctor immediately. Disclaimer: Although I have been doing eyelash enhancement treatment for years, I am not a doctor therefore am unable to recommend clients to use or take anything to treat an allergic reaction.


Can I swim & exercise with lash extensions?
There is no reason for you to stop living your best life! You can do all the above as lash extensions are waterproof however we advise clients to wash their lashes with our bubble lash shampoo cleanser & water, after doing these activities. If you go swimming in a pool or to the beach, salt water and chlorine can turn your lash extensions hard and make it difficult to brush through them. When exercising your body releases sebum & sweat to the lash line which can make your lashes look and feel oily. For these reasons we advise you to wash your lash extensions with bubble lash shampoo + bubble brush & water so you can restore them back to the way they were. 

Can you get lash extensions after a lash lift?
Unfortunately you will have to wait 6 weeks for the lashes to relax back to their natural state. On very lifted/kinked lashes, it can be difficult to get the extension to bond well & last properly. 

Can you wear makeup with eyelash extensions?
Yes, you can – as long as it is oil-free, no heavy waxes and not waterproof. These ingredients attack the glue, eventually loosening the lash bond and causing extensions to fall. 

Eyeliner: Liquid/pen style eyeliner (oil-free/not waterproof, of course) is fine. Gel liner/crayon type eyeliner (usually containing heavy waxes & oils) tends to stick the lashes together causing damage to your natural lashes. It is also more tough to remove – even if used on the just bottom lid. 

We’d recommend: Everlasting eyeliner is an eyeliner developed for clients that wear lash extensions. Define your eyes with this deep black liner that glides on for a smooth application and dries smudge proof and water resistant. Won't build up in lashes or break down adhesives like oil and wax based liners can. Remove with a brush and eyelash extension safe cleansers or makeup remover.

• Effortless control

• No pulling or tugging

• 0.4mm tip for an ultra-fine, sleek line

• Glides on smoothly, close to the lash line

• Provides full color in one stroke

• Wears for 12 hours

• Thin felt tip

Mascara: should never be applied to your  lash extensions. This product causes the extensions to clump together, and often contains oils to weaken the glue bond on your lashes. Especially waterproof mascara! If you are intent on wearing mascara, bottom line mascara made specifically for bottom lashes. 

We’d recommend: Bottom line mascara - Perfect bottom lashes, every time. This mascara was perfectly formulated to be paired with eyelash extensions! No, not on top of them, but as a compliment to them! Our LBLA bottom lash mascara creates the lower lash line you want, without the maintenance of getting bottom lashes or the transfer and build-up that comes with traditional mascaras. Our perfectly tiny precision brush gives you control over your look with a buildable, oil-free, intelligent formula that isn't technically waterproof ('cause we need to wash those babies!) but is smudge-proof and won't build up on upper lashes. Ideal for a wide-eyed customisable look that doesn't affect the retention of your upper lash extensions. No more panda eyes, just perfect lower lashes!

Can I wear contact lenses and glasses with eyelash extensions?
Yes, of course! However you must remove contact lenses before lash application. If you wear glasses we recommend going short - medium lengths, so your lashes aren't touching your glasses whilst wearing them.   


• Arrive at your appointment with no makeup around the eyes or lashes.

• Contact lenses must be taken out before the appointment.

• No caffeine before to your appointment.

• No mascara or strip lash glue on the lashes.

• Wear comfy clothes.

• Bring any inspiration photos you have to your appointment.

• We recommend client's hairstyle is loose! Bobbie pins, hair clips, hair extensions, tight braids, or buns will make it uncomfortable to lay down. 


If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, knowing the difference between classic lashes, hybrid, lashes, volume lashes and mega volume is key to understanding the service you are receiving and making an informed decision on what you will choose for your upcoming appointment. These styles depend on how full you would like the lashes to look. 

Classics: Light coverage 

Hybrid: Light - Medium coverage

Volume: Medium - Full coverage

Mega Volume: Full coverage


This is completely normal. Some people don’t actually realise this, but every day, we lose anywhere from 1-5 natural lashes – much like the hairs on our head, they shed themselves as new ones grow! When your natural lash grows out it should have an extension attached to it. This is a great sign of retention & a healthy lash shed. 


If you’ve ever been told to wait 24-48hrs to wash your lashes, I’m happy to advise you that this information is false. You can wash your lashes straight after having them done, lash adhesive has developed over the years and science can prove that it is safe to wash the lashes after application. 


Yes we do infill other salon work however must be no longer than 2 weeks since last having them done & must be 70% full. 


No unfortunately, we use professional grade products and sharp tweezers around the eye this treatment can only be done by a qualified lash artist. You can apply strip lashes or lace up lashes yourself. 


First we remove the majority of the makeup with makeup wipe, we’d recommend break up with your makeup wipes. They are the best makeup wipes you’ll ever use! Once majority of the makeup has been removed use bubble lash shampoo & bubble brush and clean downwards, upwards and side to side around eyes and along the lash line 2-3 times. After cleansing you want to check underneath your extensions to make sure all the makeup is removed from the lashline.